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Once upon a time a little "Fuzzy" girl was born. Her name was Kelly and she grew up in Nottingham England. Kelly was a very strong minded little girl that always knew what she wanted to do when she grew up; entertain people. This determination lead to her getting a scholarship to attend the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama where she learned all aspects of dance including ballet, tap, modern and hip hop. Her natural ability and infectious zest to perform was very apparent from a young age.

In her second year at performing arts school Kelly secretly attended an audition in London for 19 management. This is where she met Simon Fuller, the founder of 19 management who saw a raw natural talent in Kelly and quickly cast her as a lead host on S Club TV, a weekly children's TV show on Sunday mornings ITV. Kelly's talent did not stop at hosting over the next few years she put all her talents to good use dancing for various artists such as Robbie Williams and performing on all the major European music awards including MTV, Mobo's and the Royal Varity.

Kelly was also a major force in the commercial world in Europe putting her face to major campaigns including K-Swiss shoes, Shloer , Tampax, puma and Burger king. During this time Kelly also caught the eye of Ben Elton who cast her as a supporting role in his BBC sitcom "Blessed" …. and blessed Kelly felt!! After Achieving critical acclaim amongst her piers within the dance community and now with a promising acting career blossoming Kelly set her sights at the world of singing. This is where Kelly had to face one of the toughest decisions to date in her career.

She had gained the attention all the way across the waters in Los Angeles where Jimmy Iovine the founder of Interscope records was doing a European search for his latest girl group project - All singing and dancing girl band "Paradiso Girls". Kelly was very eager to join the bands quintet line up so she followed her gut and made the move across the pond to America. This is where she instantly felt at home, not only personally but also creatively.

Kelly is now thriving in LA and is working on her own personal brand "fuzzy" to be released shortly along side various acting, hosting and music projects.

This is where the "Fuzzy" story is to be continued….

Interscope records - Jimmy Iovine (singing)
Mosaic Media group - Dave Fleming (acting)
Ken Lindner – Jill Walters (Hosting)